Tuesday, 22 October 2013

One of a Kind Show in Maynooth

What a lovely Sunday.  We drove up to Maynooth for the One of a Kind Show.  Both Pete and I took our cameras, fall colours in Ontario are spectacular, unfortunately the deciduous trees decided against us, they had, for the most part, already shed.  There were plenty of lovely firs and pines and cedars, stu nning rocky outcrops, and darkly reflective lakes.  Just no autumnal spread of colourful leaves.  Ho hum.  It was still a lovely drive, straight up Highway 62 through Madoc, via Bancroft (where we are determined to spend return and have a prolonged look around).

The gym at the Maynooth Library is a lovely big room, and we found ourselves sited at the door - a perfect situation given that if people did no more than glance on their way in, on the way out they are forced to pass by again, and can't miss the display.

In the left of the picture you will find the newest "staging" addition.  It is an iron "plant" stand which is perfect for showing my mobiles.  After Pete had taken this picture my friend Diane suggested that we put the plant stand onto the table so that it would be really visible to people - wow did that ever work.  The monkey mobile became the thing people zeroed in on, and it was the most touched and caressed item.  I'm happy to say it sold!  I'll have to make another, it won't be exactly the same and for me that is part of the fun of my creations they are all one of a kind.  

Just behind my table you can see some of the work of my newest friend Shelley.  At the top of the display door you can see a gorgeous wooden hanging which has tiny lights highlighting the central painted panel.  Shelley had samples of her maple butter.

Is it ever good.   I had to get some, sorry the pic is blurry.  Also a really cute tea light holder.

I popped tea lights in last night and it looked really great.

I also bought a ring from my friend Diane of At Sebastien's Silver Wear.  She uses silver cutlery to make rings pendants and bracelets - gorgeous stuff.  At Sebastien's Silver Wear is on facebook.

I like to wear my ring with the little rose design facing up.

But I always have he option to turn it around so that the end is visible.  Given the size I think this was a teaspoon.  I absolutely love it.

I also bought some scented shea butter.

And some yummy roving.

It was the first craft fair that Pete had attended with me.  After 10 minutes he was wondering if my prices were too high, and if there is a market for my softies.  At the end of the four hour fair he had long since retracted those thoughts and was doing a little happy dance every time along with me every time I made a sale.  It was a good day.

I have several fairs coming up, so I need to work on my inventory.  The latest addition is this little lady:

She even stands en-pointe!

Have a happy day!


  1. Ooh... What a succesful fair you had, both in buying and selling. I'm not surprised the monkeys were much caressed... They were gorgeous! SUCH a cute hippo, too!

  2. Thank you Jen. I took ballet as a child, my "character" or "attitudes" were very good, dance steps no so hot, but I really love the hippo's smile, its as if she's saying I don't care what anyone thinks, I love this!