Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Monkeying Around

So, the evenings are starting to draw in.  First of all it was slowly, slowly, but now each evening it is getting dark earlier.  Some of the trees have a fine colour, but there is still a lot more to come for which I am very glad as I'm going to a One of a Kind Show in Maynooth Ontario on Sunday October 20, and we are anticipating a fine colour show on the drive up. 
This picture is across our road.  It doesn't capture the reds in the maple as much as the oranges.

The flowers on my wheelbarrow were past any pretension of beauty, so when Farmer Francis came to the door carrying a pumpkin for me I was presumptuous enough to ask for an additional three (he had a poor crop this year, only 200 - next year he plans to beat the birds who got many seedlings and I am promised a white pumpkin).  Fortunately Farmer Francis (Murray to his friends) has a partiality for carrot cake, and I took full advantage of this by offering him a cake in exchange for the pumpkins. 

Looking at the face of Miss Bea(have) you wouldn't believe butter could melt in her mouth.  However, we have been have issues!  She has been refusing to eat her dinner of chicken, carrots and rice, preferring to hold out in the hopes of getting more treats.  She is now on a treat-restricted diet whereby she's not allowed any until she eats her dinner.  I don't count the Snausages I halve and throw for her at breakfast time as I include them as part of her exercise regime.

I have been invited to participate in the Holiday Mama Market on Saturday, November 23rd : 900am - 300pm and  Sunday, November 24th : 900am - 300pm, at 301 Macdonald Ave, Belleville.  You can see more information on my Hetty Jean facebook page if this is local for you and you wish to attend.  So, with the Holiday Mama Market in my mind I started to think of what might be suitable products for me to show, and I am very happy with what the design I came up with.


A Monkey Mobile.  I'm thrilled with it.  There are five monkeys in different poses.  Leaves in different hues of green create a jungle feel, and there is a bird perched on the canopy top.

I researched mobiles, and found that very often the objects on mobiles are oriented for adult enjoyment.  So I have tried to orient my monkeys so they are looking down and their heads are oriented for viewing from below rather than on a level.

Pete took me out for my birthday to a lovely east-coast style restaurant in Belleville, Kalays, where we had a scrumptious lunch.  I had a Blackened Shrimp Po-Boy with crisp sweet potato fries (these have to be kept on ice and then dipped into a thin tempura batter to create crispness when they are fried), it was totally scrummy.  Pete had halibut and chips - the best fish and chips he's had in a long time.  Pete doesn't eat desserts, so I ordered a sampler plate of cheesecakes and two forks.  There was a New York style with berry coulis, Chocolate and lastly Lemon and White chocolate.  The last was my favourite and Pete (who doesn't eat desserts but always eats half of mine when we go out) liked the chocolate.  A nice cup of coffee rounded off the meal.  I took my camera with me but didn't think to take photos of the food, however I did get Pete to take a photo of me, just in case anyone was wondering what I look like.

Oh for a proficiency in air-brushing!
Have a happy day!



  1. Ooh... LOVING those monkeys! Very wise to make them face down! And lovely leaf piccies too.

  2. Thanks Jen, I'm glad you love the monkeys. Check out tomorrow's post I've finished a new weather mobile, and I'm working on some flying pigs too!