Thursday, 14 November 2013

A Triceratops Commission

I received a commission on Saturday whilst I was at the Craft Fair from a lovely lady called Doreen.  She wanted a Triceratops similar to the one I had already made.  (Remember him?)

But she wanted him to be twice the size and using royal blue.  Also as her daughter is having a baby shower on Friday, she wanted it to be ready by Thursday.  You'd think something that looks relatively simplistic would be a quick sew, but as my creatures are all hand sewn it does take time, especially as I love to embellish them.  

I am happy to tell you that with two hours to go until I meet Joanne for the "hand-over" the new Triceratops is ready.

So first of all, is he twice the size?

Yup, and definitely royal blue.

His spots are of green wool roving.

His ruff is from a felted Shetland wool cardigan, and the band from the bottom of the cardigan gives the ruff even more dimension.

Gentle green eyes.  I think this is definitely a good guardian to ward off any bad dreams for the new babe.  I'm really pleased with how he has turned out.  I hope his new owner will love him too.

Have a happy day!

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