Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit

Having told you about my Etsy shop I realised I really should show you some of the softies I've put up for sale.

This girl is so cute with her lilac swing coat and ribbon embroidered hat.

This tan fellow has an embroidered waistcoat that to me is vaguely Swiss.

A handsome black fellow with a mustard waistcoat.
This handsome chap has a quilted waistcoat.
So, if you have a spare moment please go to Etsy and have a look at hettyjeandesigns.
I am working on a new design at the moment, and I'm very excited about this new softie as it incorporates embroidery and stumpwork. 
"Stumpwork embroidery is a raised form of embroidery created on one background and transferred to another, ground fabric, and is three-dimensional through the use of padding, beads, wire and/or needle lace stitches. "  - Jeanmarie Bruccia, from Jenny June's Fancy Work.   
I have done stumpwork before and find it really interesting.  Here is a rose I made using stumpwork.

As you can see, the petals are covered with stitches of different shades of pink, and the wire enclosed at the edges allows them to be shaped to create a natural curve.  So pretty. 
Time to get back to my stitching.
Have a happy day!


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