Tuesday, 27 August 2013


There are occasionally times when something happens that makes you despair.  When my daughter's family returned from a holiday they found their little black and white cat in the back garden, a poor pathetic pain-ridden thing.  Fifi had dragged herself to the shed which was her outdoor sanctuary.  She had been paralysed in her rear legs and had to be put down.  The paralysis was caused by having been shot.  Some creature had decided to use a cat for target practice. 

I would not use the word 'beastly' or 'bestial' to describe this act, because in nature only humans kill for "fun".  I find it really hard to vocalise how truly appalling I find this person and what they have done. 

When Louise asked me to memorialise Fifi by making a softie of her, I was honoured.  She is now completed and will be winging her way to England with all the love and sympathy in my heart.

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