Thursday, 29 August 2013

New Dragon Softie

Wow, I can't believe its the end of August already.  School holidays finish here next Tuesday after our Labour Day holiday on Monday, and in England most schools return on Monday.  However, the end of the holidays does not mean the end of summer (even if they are selling fall chrysanthemums in the shops already!). 

The evenings are starting to get darker, but personally I love September.  I love when the air starts to become crisp especially after a period of humidity such as we are currently experiencing.  I love the smell of wood smoke.  After the ice storm we had on 12 April this year (that's Pete's birthday hence my ability to remember the date) we have a huge store of chopped wood, Pete's chainsaw had a real workout!  

September is also laden with birthdays in our family, my Dad, cousin, favourite aunt, nephew, and, oh yes, me!  Birthdays together with summer holidays always held a special tingly air, the thrilling anticipation of being on the threshold of something new and exciting.  Now there is no longer that youthful anticipation, no longer the question of whether it heralds the feeling of being different, of knowing that extra year has clicked past.  Instead there is the pleasure of new memories made, of new ideas imagined and projects to be commenced.

I received my best ever birthday present four years ago.  Bea, the Shih Tzu, has a strange habit of sleeping in corners.  She actually likes to sleep around generally, despite having  beds in most rooms in the house.  In this picture you can see that she has wedged herself between the wall and the cabinet.  Strange little thing!

I have not been idle, I have been working on a new dragon.  I love dragons and my latest softie is a lilac punk. 

I do hope you love her as much as I do.  I don't generally name my softies as I feel their new owners' should have that choice.  However, this lady to me is Lilabeth.  I will be setting up my own shop on Etsy shortly, and my dragons will be featured there.

Have a happy day!

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