Monday, 22 July 2013

Happy Hippos

Hello Blogworld. 

My name is Lisa, and I thought it about time I started to share some of my life in Hetty Jean world.

I had a lovely day in Bloomfield on Saturday, at the Quinte Educational Museum & Archives' Treats, Treasures & Crafts Show.
My table was groaning with Hetty Jean wares, and in between speaking with the lovely folk in town that day, I was working on a new pattern for a happy hippo.


Here's  my first felt hippo.  She has embroidered blue eyes, with needle-felted eye lids and nostrils.

I love the hippo ballerinas in Disney's Fantasia.  So I embroidered this last year, because I sometimes feel like a hippo, and I just love these girls.

Have a Hippolicious day!

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