Monday, 29 July 2013

I'd like to introduce my latest felt softie creation: Tyrone the T-Rex.
Isn't he cute!
I love his teeth, they are a pale green colour.  I had to tweak him a couple of times to make him stand erect and to make sure his handsome features looked right, I'm really pleased with how he has turned out.
It is my intention to set up a shop on Etsy, but until that is established, if anyone is interested in Tyrone or any of my other creations please let me know. 
A friend has asked me to make a Siamese cat for her so that is my next project.
When I sit and stitch I listen to audio books, how's that for multi-tasking?  I have decided that I should really add some classics into my listening list.  Don't get me wrong I can't quote The Illiad or Chekov, but as a captive audience it seems appropriate to expand beyond romantic suspense, mystery and historical genres.  So, I've just  finished Our Mutual Friend by Charles Dickens.  One thing I found particularly interesting is that his audience had to wait 19 months to finish the book as it was published in parts.  Our modern society with it's need for instant gratification would find this incomprehensible.
The book is enjoyable to listen to, however I could not accept the docility with which Bella accepted that her husband and friends had perpetuated a myth because they felt she was spoilt.
 I love words and am fascinated by their derivation.   Last night we were watching a documentary about Althorp, the home of the Spencer family (English aristocracy).  In the old hall Earl Spencer pointed out the sculpted heads amongst the ceiling beams.  He said that it was because of them that the term "eavesdropper" came into being, as it was felt that they could overhear conversation perched in the eaves as they are.
Well my friends, have a happy day!

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