Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Cocktail time!

We sat out on the deck last night, enjoying Mojitos that Pete had made.  The view of our back garden is lovely.  I should explain, to give you a sense of perspective, that we live in a raised bungalow, which means that the deck is not quite a full storey high, but it is possible for Pete who is 6' to stand underneath it.

We have 3 acres, approximately 2 acres of which are woods, there is even a stream which I'll show you another day.  With the huge trees opening to a large area it reminds me of a watering hole I saw in Kenya (1st marriage honeymoon 29 years ago - shudder.  For no other reason than it was 29 years ago!)  However, the way my mind works, its not sufficient that a deer or coyote might appear, because they have, we have had bear sightings on our road too!  No, my expectation is that dinosaurs will crash through the woods into the clearing.  The Quaking Aspen trees look like lollipop trees to me, and are ginormous, so I can just imagine a Brontosaurus grazing those delicate top leaves.  I wish I knew how to photoshop because I'd love to insert a photo here to illustrate that!

Pete made the Mojitos from a recipe in the LCBOs Food and Drink Summer 2013 magazine. 
4 lime wedges (1/2 a lime) in a highball glass.  Add 1/2oz sugar syrup and 10 torn mint leaves.  Use the end of a wooden spoon to muddle (bruise not mash).  Fill the glass with ice and add 1 1/2oz white Rum.  Add  more ice and stir to mix.  Top with a splash of soda then retire to your happy place to enjoy.
For the sugar syrup combine equal parts boiling water and white sugar.  Stir until the sugar has dissolved.  Cover and refrigerate until required.
There is a cocktail called a Grasshopper, but in this instance I managed to snap a picture of a real grasshopper when it leapt onto the window in front of my stitchy chair.  Isn't he cute!

Last time I mentioned I was going to work on a Siamese cat.  Here she is in progress.  I haven't done the facial features or fur shading yet, but on Friday 2nd and Saturday 3rd I shall be at the Bloomfield Town Hall (Prince Edward County, ON)  for an Artists Showcase.  10am to 4pm both days, so I think beautifying this lady will be a good project to be able to demonstrate, so much more interesting than sewing seams.

Have a happy day!

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