Wednesday, 24 July 2013

What is in a name?

As my blog and the new baby Prince were born on the same day, I got to thinking about names. 

When my sister was in labour with her first child "True Grit" was on the TV.  She and her husband debated calling the baby, if he were a boy, after John Wayne's character.  I was always a little disappointed that he has gone through his life with the name of Michael not Rooster.

My blog is named after my grandmothers.
On the left is my Nanny Johnson, Letitia, who was know as Hetty and Letty, also Het, Let and Johnnie.
On the right is my Nanny Gunning, Jean, whose actual Christian name was Jane.
So, in naming my blog I wanted to pay tribute to these two wonderful ladies who actually had the patience to try to teach my to knit, and let me create stitches with brightly coloured wool on dishcloths.
The beautiful lady on my Dad's arm is my Mum. She worked for Norman Hartnell, designer to the Queen (as opposed to William who played Doctor Who - I had to check because I always get them mixed up), and has been a talented seamstress, knitter and crafter.  She made porcelain dolls and embroidered and painted.  Sadly she has macular degeneration and is unable to craft any more,  but she still knits squares for blankets.  She is my inspiration.  Her name is Jean, so the name I chose seemed doubly significant.
I'd also like to introduce you to lovely Shih Tzu.  We got her from the OSPCA.  Her name was Scambles Bee, which apparently means little dog that looks like a mop - I have no idea what language.  Anyway, it seemed a bit of a mouthful to me, so she was renamed Bea, and she is a delight. 
She is sometimes referred to as the "6 thousand dollar dog".  Two and a half years ago she had to have back surgery, which thankfully was very successful, and that was the cost.  As she recovered it was necessary to cover her scar, the area around which had been shaved.  It was December after all.  So I started to re-work some little girl's sweaters I bought from the local thrift shops.

I do think she should have leather with this sweater.

We may be in Ontario, but it still rains here, it's not just sun and snow.

Well, she is named Bea after all.

"I'm ready for my close-up."
Have a happy day.  


  1. Good name I think. Your dog is very sweet too, especially in jumpers. I was going to comment on your previous post because I thought the hippos were adorable-I love that part of fantasia too-but the ipad can't cope with commenting so I was way-laid (weight-laid? Hmm... never written that before. ..) Anyway, lovely blog thus far-you have a nice way with words. I'll be popping in!